April 12, Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam

Connecting organisations and people, helping to shape the bank of tomorrow

What brings banks back at the forefront of societal transformation? Find out at #TBSCONF22AMS.

From the very start of The Banking Scene, we wanted to cross the BeNeLux borders. We have always held close ties with The Netherlands: many Dutch bankers joined us at our Brussels conference or connected online during The Banking Scene Afterwork sessions.

On April 12, we investigate how banks should pivot their role in society to remain a trusted partner for their stakeholders in a continuously changing world.

For the first time, we’ll be with a live event in Amsterdam, in Eye Filmmuseum. The usual mix of acclaimed speakers will ignite discussions. Be ready to network with C-level executives and walk away with actionable, unique insights.

Our program looks at this transformation from both a technology and a more value-based and ethical point of view. With ESG as a driving force for change, banks are uniquely placed to assist the shift of a fairer and greener future, accelerated by COVID-19.

Key industry voices of ABN AMRO, In The Pocket, Van Lanschot Kempen, BNP Paribas Fortis, just to name a few, will share their expertise on stage and in the networking moments.

In short: we'll provide you with a half-day Masterclass on the future of our industry.

Share ideas, demonstrate your thought leadership and bolster your business and career in sizzling Amsterdam.

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“The Banking Event brings you up-to-speed with the most important movements in the sector, provides usable use cases and gives you ample opportunity to exchange experiences with your fellow bankers.”

Bart Beeusaert,
Director Digital Banking & Product Development, Bank Nagelmackers

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